Another Tragic Case of Child Sexual Abuse, 3 years old girl victim

Another Tragic Case of Child Sexual Abuse, 3 years old girl victim


RABAT- The harrowing story of a three-year-old girl, subjected to multiple instances of sexual abuse was shared today widely in Morocco.

According to local sources, medical professionals confirmed the dire condition of the young girl, revealing both immediate health risks and severe psychological trauma. They reported that the 3 years old girl had been raped multiple times and is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease.

Hanan Nasiri, a human rights activist, said, “The doctors who examined the girl confirmed that she had been raped more than once, and she was infected with a sexually transmitted disease, which might have been passed to her by the rapist.”

The victim’s family took immediate action, lodging a formal complaint with the local police in Sidi Slimane. Investigators subsequently visited the clinic where the medical professionals confirmed the abusive incidents.

Law enforcement arrested a 21-year-old male suspect based on the young girl’s account. However, following an initial interview and statement, he was unexpectedly released from custody.

Nasiri called for promptness in judicial proceedings, saying, “We urge the acceleration of the judicial investigation to punish the real perpetrator, and not to be lenient with such crimes that threaten the future of children and cause deep wounds, ones which cannot be overcome no matter how much time passes.”