Man Sentenced to Two Years for Kissing and Sexual Harassment Inside Tangier...

Man Sentenced to Two Years for Kissing and Sexual Harassment Inside Tangier Church

Law enforcement officers arrest a young man. Image for illustration purposes only.

The Tangier First Instance Criminal Court has convicted a 32-year-old man and sentenced him to two years of imprisonment for sexually harassing and kissing a Spanish elderly woman inside a church located in the city center of Tangier.

During the trial session held on Tuesday morning, the woman, who resides permanently in Tangier, testified before the judge, recounting the traumatic incidents she experienced at the hands of the man.

She revealed that she had been subjected to repeated harassment and forced kissing, all done with the use of force, causing her immense distress and anguish.

The defendant, a 32-year-old man, vehemently denied all the charges levied against him during the proceedings. He claimed that he frequented the church in the “Iberia” area almost daily solely to charge his phone, refuting any involvement in the harassment and assault of the elderly woman.

However, the court was not swayed by the defendant’s statements and found them unpersuasive. The judge, considering the evidence presented and the testimony of the complainant, decided to proceed with the charges against the accused. Consequently, the court issued a verdict of two years of actual imprisonment.

On social media platforms, a significant number of individuals have voiced their condemnation of the court’s decision, asserting that there is a lack of evidence to support the conviction. Some have even suggested that the elderly Spanish woman involved may be fabricating or exaggerating the incidents.

Others criticized the ruling, suggesting that the favorable outcome was due to the victim’s European nationality. They pointed out that numerous underage Moroccan girls experience more severe abuses without receiving the justice they deserve.

The Moroccan Times.