Netherlands Participates in Morocco’s Premier Book Fair, SIEL 2023

Netherlands Participates in Morocco’s Premier Book Fair, SIEL 2023

Last year’s edition of Morocco’s biggest book fair.

The Netherlands is ready to present an expansive and diverse program at the 28th International Book and Publishing Fair (SIEL 2023), Morocco’s biggest and most renowned book fair, taking place in Rabat, Morocco, from June 1-11.

According to a communiqué from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco, The Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) has curated a rich array of events, with a strong emphasis on promoting the vibrant Dutch-Moroccan community and culture. The program includes a diverse range of activities such as literary discussions, academic talks, cinema, and poetry, aiming to offer an immersive cultural experience to the attendees.

Renowned Dutch Moroccan authors, including Abdelkader Benali and Hassnae Bouazza, are expected to contribute their insights and experiences, further enriching the event. An additional highlight of the program is a unique interactive board games workshop set to take place at the historic Volubilis site. This initiative, targeted at the youth, aims to engage them in a hands-on exploration of Moroccan history and heritage.

The overarching goal of the Netherlands’ participation is to celebrate the Moroccan diaspora and to foster a deeper understanding of the shared history between the Netherlands and Morocco.

It’s notable that this year’s edition of the fair is being held in Rabat, while the previous editions, excluding the 2022 Fair, were held in Casablanca. The move to Rabat continues the tradition of bringing literature, culture, and international exchange to different parts of the country, engaging a wider audience and fostering broader cultural understanding.