Key Features of the Advanced HJ-9A Missile System Recently Acquired by Morocco

Key Features of the Advanced HJ-9A Missile System Recently Acquired by Morocco



Capture from the televised presentation of the missile system, broadcasted on Morocco’s national channel, Al Aoula.

Morocco has recently enhanced its military defense capabilities with the acquisition of an advanced Chinese missile system named “HJ-9A,” also known as the “Red Arrow 9A.” This state-of-the-art missile system was showcased by the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces during the commemoration of their 67th anniversary.

HJ-9A missile
The HJ-9A has the capability to neutralize even the most advanced modern battle tanks.

The “HJ-9A” missile system is specifically designed to effectively target tanks, armored vehicles, and fortified structures. It boasts remarkable features, including the ability to penetrate armor up to 1.2 meters deep, with a striking distance of up to 5 kilometers. The system can be deployed on vehicles or used independently with its three-legged configuration, offering versatility in various combat scenarios.

One of the standout features of the “HJ-9A” system is its guidance system, which utilizes millimeter wave technology to significantly improve targeting accuracy and precision. Consequently, this missile system is regarded as one of the world’s most advanced anti-tank and armored vehicle defense systems.

This latest addition to Morocco’s defense arsenal complements a range of other cutting-edge systems available to the country, including the “HJ-8L” system, which is capable of targeting military vehicles at distances of up to 4 kilometers. The integration of these advanced technologies is aimed to strengthen Morocco’s military defense capabilities by diversifying its portfolios.

It is worth noting that Morocco inaugurated a military base in 2021, which houses a Chinese intercontinental air defense system. China has recently expressed its desire to expand defense cooperation with Morocco, proposing a deep partnership in military defense.