Israel to Take Part in Interfaith Dialogue Conference in Morocco

Israel to Take Part in Interfaith Dialogue Conference in Morocco


The Moroccan city of Marrakech will host an international conference on “Interfaith Dialogue: Cooperation for a Shared Future” from June 13 to 15, 2023. This event is organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Moroccan Parliament, in partnership with the Religions for Peace organization. It has the support of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the Rabita Mohammedia des Oulémas (Mohammadia League of Scholars).

In a joint statement, the organizing bodies confirmed that the conference will include parliamentary leaders, MPs, religious leaders, representatives of civil society, and experts. The participants will engage in dialogue and share best practices with the objective of addressing significant challenges to sustainable coexistence among different faiths.

According to sources, the visit will see the participation of Israel’s Knesset Speaker, Amir Ohana.

The conference aims to foster cooperative efforts to build peaceful and inclusive societies. One of the key goals is to create a roadmap for joint work in the future. This roadmap will guide further efforts in interfaith dialogue and promote the peaceful coexistence of diverse religious communities.