Moroccan NGO Calls for Tougher Anti-Smoking Measures on World No Tobacco Day

Moroccan NGO Calls for Tougher Anti-Smoking Measures on World No Tobacco Day

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In Morocco, the daily average of smoking-related fatalities stands at 46, underscoring the severity of the tobacco crisis.

Rabat – On World No Tobacco Day, the Moroccan non-profit organization, Alternatives for Children and Youth, took the opportunity to implore the government to confront the growing issue of smoking in Morocco, particularly among the youth.

The organization advocated for the introduction of robust measures to reinforce current anti-smoking initiatives. These proposed measures encompass the imposition of stricter regulations on smoking in public areas, educational institutions, workplaces, and residential buildings.

The non-profit also recommended raising tobacco taxes, dedicating the extra income to efforts in preventing tobacco use and providing medical treatment.

They underscored the importance of free access to psychological assistance and medical care for those trying to quit tobacco.

Furthermore, the organization demanded more decisive action and collaboration with international organizations and non-profits.

Recent statistics from the Ministry of Health reveal that smoking rates in Morocco are alarming.

Approximately 13.4% of adults aged 18 and older are smokers. The rate is significantly higher in men (26.9%) than in women (0.4%). In the age group of 13 to 15, 6% are smokers, and around 35.6% of the overall population is subjected to secondhand smoke.

The suggestions put forth by the non-profit are a response to the inadequacy of the current deterrent measures, given that the number of smokers in Morocco is still on the rise annually.

The country sees a devastating number of smoking-related fatalities, with an average of 46 deaths per day or around 17,000 annually.