Fuel Market Under Scrutiny: Competition Council Revives Investigation

Fuel Market Under Scrutiny: Competition Council Revives Investigation

competition council Morocco.
Ahmed Rahhou, head of Morocco’s competition council.

Rabat – In response to recent updates in Morocco’s competition laws targeting the fuel market, the Competition Council is set to revamp its investigation into potential anti-competitive actions in the fuel industry, reflecting these new changes.

Numerous organizations and political parties, backed by a substantial portion of the Moroccan population, have been actively voicing their concerns over the past few months about issues related to price manipulation and anti-competitive conduct in the petroleum industry.

On Friday, The Competition Council stated that they have handed over the investigation about possible unfair business practices in the fuel market back to their investigation team.

The head of Morocco’s Competition Council Ahmed Rahhou said that his team will write a report on this issue. They’ll do this in a way that fits the changes made in Law 12.104, especially parts 31, 33, 37, 38, and 39.

This decision was taken after changes were made to the laws about business competition with the introduction of Law 40.21, which deals with price control mechanisms and competition, and Law 41.21, about the prerogatives of the Competition Council itself.

The government, after a significant delay, has approved these modifications with the intent to enhance the transparency of the council’s operations and fortify the legal protections for the parties engaged in these processes.