28th Edition of Morocco’s Biggest Book Fair Receives Record Numbers

28th Edition of Morocco’s Biggest Book Fair Receives Record Numbers

Saadeddine Othmani presented his latest book at the fair.

RABAT, Morocco – The ongoing 28th edition of Morocco’s largest book event (SIEL) has recorded over 62,000 visitors in the first four days of the fair, marking an 8% increase in attendance compared to the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication.

The Ministry noted that a record-breaking 62,012 literary enthusiasts made their way to the book fair between June 2 and 5, reflecting the event’s growing popularity among Moroccan citizens and global book lovers.

Boasting a larger-than-ever exhibitor base of 737, including publishers, independent booksellers, and literary organizations, this year’s fair has become a vibrant hub for literature lovers. In addition to the extensive exhibitor participation, the fair has also welcomed 661 Moroccan and international writers, thinkers, and poets, lending an unprecedented breadth and depth to the intellectual dialogue of the event.

“The growth in visitor numbers and the breadth of the literary figures present at the fair only underscores the global appreciation of literature, and more specifically the growing interest in the literary and cultural scene of Morocco,” a spokesperson for the Ministry said.

The event saw the participation of Saadeddine Othmani, the former Prime Minister of Morocco. He chose this platform to introduce his new book, “Positive Psychological Health: Your Pathway to Happiness”. In a dedicated stand amidst the sea of literature, the former PM showcased his latest work, offering a personal glimpse into his insights on mental well-being and the pursuit of happiness.

The Moroccan Times.