Moroccan Contracted Teachers Union Calls for Protests

Moroccan Contracted Teachers Union Calls for Protests

Nezha Majdi jail
Nezha Majdi

The “National Coordination of Teachers Forced into Contracting” has announced plans for a series of regional protest events set to occur on Sunday, June 11. In addition to these protests, the organization will hold an informational and human rights seminar titled “Tightening on Trade Union Freedoms and the Reality of Education in Morocco”.

In a statement, the union reiterated its demand for “genuine integration into the public service sector” and rejected yet again the current system for education and training. The organization views this system as “an external one to public service that risks eradicating all rights and benefits currently held by education workers.”

The Coordination criticized the recent sentences against all contracted teachers. It specifically mentioned the case of Nezha Majdi and the suspended sentences against other teachers.

The group said it is encouraging all contracted teachers “to boycott the so-called ‘vocational qualification’.”

It is also urging all teachers to avoid teaching during visits by inspectors in order to not legitimize employment through contracts.

As a mark of their protest, teachers were also asked, in the statement, to wear red badges throughout the upcoming period of examinations.