Fast Sell-Out of Morocco Vs Cap Verde Friendly Match Tickets Stimulates Illegal...

Fast Sell-Out of Morocco Vs Cap Verde Friendly Match Tickets Stimulates Illegal Trade


The tickets for the upcoming friendly match between the Moroccan national team and Cape Verde, at the Moulay Abdellah complex in Rabat, have sold out quickly.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation’s ticketing site saw a significant influx, leading to a long wait in the virtual queue for tickets. A large number of Moroccan football fans were unable to secure tickets due to the fast sell-out, stimulating a black market for the game tickets. Some people took advantage of this demand, listing tickets on electronic platforms at inflated prices.

This swift sell-out has unfortunately led to the proliferation of a black market for game tickets, with scalpers exploiting the unwavering passion of the Moroccan fan base for personal financial gains. Tickets originally sold at official prices on the FRMF platform have been spotted on various online platforms at heavily inflated prices.

Football fans, desperate to witness the battle on the pitch, have been left with no option but to succumb to these exorbitant rates. Some fans expressed their frustration, calling for stricter controls and penalties against such illegal activities.

“The joy of watching a game shouldn’t be marred by such practices,” said a local fan, who was unable to secure a ticket through the official channel. “I hope the authorities take strict action against those involved in this black market.”

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) has yet to issue a statement on the matter. Meanwhile, football fans across the country are holding their breath in anticipation of what promises to be a thrilling encounter.