Human Rights Associations Call for Investigation into “Melilla Massacre”

Human Rights Associations Call for Investigation into “Melilla Massacre”


Numerous Human Rights associations across Spain are gearing up for a unified protest slated for June 24, in a clarion call for justice for the victims of a tragic incident at the Melilla border, which claimed the lives of 23 sub-Saharan migrants and left hundreds injured last year.

The protest comes in the wake of what is increasingly being seen as the Spanish government’s mishandling of the incident and its aftermath.

Dubbed “Melilla massacre: a year without justice, a year of impunity,” the demonstration seeks to condemn the government’s perceived dereliction of duty in migrant care, and its alleged evasion of responsibility.

The associations are also demanding the ousting of Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, accused of playing a key role in the incident. They insist on the need for independent and efficient investigation mechanisms, arguing that only through transparent, accountable processes can justice be served.

Furthermore, they call for adequate compensation for the victims and their families, whose lives were irrevocably altered by the tragedy.

The protests, set to occur concurrently in key Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid, and others.