Moroccan Parliamentarian Advocates for On-site Jellyfish Sting Treatment

Moroccan Parliamentarian Advocates for On-site Jellyfish Sting Treatment

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An overwhelming surge of jellyfish washes ashore on the picturesque M’diq beach, as depicted in this snapshot from 2021.

The enchanting coastlines of Morocco’s north, once synonymous with summer bliss, are now grappling with an alarming surge of jellyfish, a phenomenon recurring each summer with increased intensity over the last five years.

Parliamentarian Hayat Laarache has underscored the seriousness of this issue, emphasizing its potential risks to public health, also calling for the Moroccan government’s prompt implementation of immediate on-site medical aid for those suffering from jellyfish stings.

The Mediterranean town of M’diq.

Amid a plenary session in the House of Representatives this week, Laarache shed light on the proliferation of “these toxic marine creatures”, noting that it “not only presents an immediate threat through their painful, sometimes dangerous stings but also discourages beach-goers from swimming.”

Laarache has urged the government to implement comprehensive strategies to address this issue.

She called for a dual-action plan that involves public education about the risks associated with jellyfish, guidance on how to handle encounters, as well as provision of immediate on-site treatment for stings.