Child Critically Injured in Wild Boar Attack near Khouribga

Child Critically Injured in Wild Boar Attack near Khouribga

Wild Boar Kills a Man in Morocco
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Khouribga, Morocco (TMT) – In a shocking wild boar assault near Khouribga in Douar Al-Amamra, four individuals were seriously injured and rushed to a local hospital.

The child, with serious abdominal and facial injuries, is currently in the resuscitation unit, awaiting urgent surgery and detailed medical examinations at the hospital.

The incident has mobilized a full-fledged medical team to save his life. Meanwhile, the other victims are under close medical observation, but fortunately, their conditions are less critical and don’t necessitate intensive care.

Wild boar attacks in Morocco are relatively frequent due to religious and environmental factors.

As a predominantly Muslim country, residents refrain from hunting the boars for consumption, aligning with Islamic dietary laws. Concurrently, there is a limited interest from foreign hunters, primarily Europeans.

The prolonged drought that Morocco has experienced over the past five years has prompted wild boars to venture closer to human settlements in their search for sustenance. This behavior has heightened the potential for conflict and risks between these animals and local farmers

Additionally, the decline of the boars’ natural predators in North Africa, such as the Atlas lions, leopards, and bears, most of which are now extinct in the wild, has resulted in a population surge.

These interconnected factors contribute to the heightened incidence of wild boar attacks in various regions in Morocco.

The Moroccan Times.