Morocco to Invest Heavily in Industry Sector Training and Education

Morocco to Invest Heavily in Industry Sector Training and Education

A Morocco-based Automobile manufacturing plant. Image for illustration purposes only.

RABAT, Morocco (TMT) – Amid a plenary session in the Moroccan parliament, Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, has announced yesterday plans to significantly bolster the industry sector. As part of an economic recovery effort, the government will train 100,000 graduates in the industrial sector, with a particular emphasis on the automotive and airline industries, and 22,000 in the digital transition sector by 2026.

The program aims to build a workforce equipped to meet both current and future demands. This ambitious plan extends to 2030 with a goal to produce 50,000 digital sector graduates and 10,000 specialists in the field of social work.

In addition to the training initiatives, the government intends to encourage the participation of Moroccan experts living abroad in teaching and research roles. This approach seeks to tap into the wealth of expertise amongst Moroccan professionals currently residing overseas.

The Moroccan government is also investing in higher education colleges within the medical field. By 2030, it aims to triple the number of health professionals to meet the healthcare needs of the country.

In the span of a decade, Morocco has successfully positioned itself as a central nexus for the automotive and airline industries. Now, the nation is ambitiously aspiring to become a critical hub for renewable energy and green hydrogen production in the years to come.

The initiatives aim to attract more investment and are also opportunities for existing companies within the automotive, airline, and renewable energy sectors to take advantage of an increasingly skilled workforce.