Mysterious Death on Agadir Ibn Zohr University Campus: Student Found Dead

Mysterious Death on Agadir Ibn Zohr University Campus: Student Found Dead

Ibn Zohr University.
Ibn Zohr University, Agadir.

AGADIR, Morocco – A perplexing case has emerged from the university campus in Agadir where a young man was found dead under unusual circumstances. Identified as N.A, born in 1994 in the city of Samara, the deceased was a law student who had concluded his studies just last year.

The body was discovered in an early stage of decomposition, roughly three days after N.A had been reported missing. Fellow students stumbled upon the grim discovery and promptly alerted the authorities.

In a surprising turn of events, sources within the police revealed that despite having completed his academic journey, N.A had continued to live on the university campus, a residency that was unauthorized, thus prompting queries about his continued presence on the premises.

The police have stated that preliminary findings show no evident signs of violence on the body, leading them to consider the likelihood of a suicide.

“Our investigation is currently focused on understanding the circumstances and unfolding the reasons for N.A’s presence in the university campus despite the absence of a legitimate residency,” said a representative of the local police.

To uncover the exact cause of N.A’s demise, the Public Prosecution has ordered an autopsy. The body has been transferred to the morgue for further forensic investigation.