Chefchaouen’s Asri Alley Among Top 40 Charming Streets Worldwide

Chefchaouen’s Asri Alley Among Top 40 Charming Streets Worldwide

Callejon El Asri. Source: Meftah

Chefchaouen’s Asri Alley has been listed among the world’s 40 most charming streets. The list, curated by the prestigious American magazine House Beautiful, known for its focus on home art and decor since 1896, was released on June 2nd.

The Asri Alley, found within the enchanting city of Chefchaouen, famed as the ‘Blue City’, clinched the fourth spot on this list. The selection underscored the magnetic allure of the alley which is often the choice of visitors for capturing memorable photographs. In achieving this ranking, the Asri Alley surpassed some of the world’s renowned streets, including those in Burano and Albeiro Bello in Italy, Paris, Istanbul, London, and the bustling streets of California and Miami.

Topping the list was the picturesque port street of Symi in Greece, followed by Boston’s historic Acorn Street. South Africa’s vibrant Bo-Kaap street came third on the list. The Asri Alley triumphed over Portugal’s iconic Luis de Camoes street, renowned for its captivating hanging umbrellas, located in the city of Agueda.

This acknowledgment is not only a feather in the cap for the Asri Alley but also for the city of Chefchaouen, which has long been a beloved tourist hotspot for both Moroccan and international visitors. The city’s unique blue charm has recently grabbed the attention of international magazines and fashion powerhouses.

El Asri Alley, Chefchaouen.

For instance, “Vogue Arabia” recently conducted an exclusive photoshoot in the city, featuring globally celebrated hijab-wearing model, Halima Aden. The magazine announced Aden’s much-awaited comeback during this special session. Additionally, fashion heavyweight “Off-White” chose the stunning backdrop of Chefchaouen for launching their new collection, further highlighting the global appeal of this Moroccan city.