National Warning Strike by Contract Teachers

National Warning Strike by Contract Teachers


The Contract Teachers Coordination has called for a national warning strike on Monday, April 22, in solidarity with over 200 teachers who are still on suspension. The strike is also a call to the ministry to withdraw and cancel all arbitrary penalties against teachers.

In a statement, the Coordination denounced what it refered to as “the intimidation and repression policie”s pursued by the Ministry of National Education, which “has issued arbitrary and retaliatory suspensions lacking legality on 202 teachers and support staff across the country.”

The Coordination stated that these decisions are aimed at deterring educational staff from demanding their just and legitimate rights, instead of finding realistic solutions, responding to the demands of all education men and women, and reversing the privatization policy within the sector.

It is of the view that these arbitrary suspensions represent a systematic violation of rights, including the right to strike and peacefully protest, in clear violation of international conventions and the Moroccan Constitution.

The Coordination called for a response to the demands of the educational family without restrictions or conditions, reaffirming its continued commitment to its fair and legitimate struggle until the abolition of the contract plan and the actual integration into the public service workforce.

The Field Education Coordination had called for a general national strike in the sector tomorrow, Monday, with a protest in front of the parliament, followed by a national march towards the Ministry of National Education in solidarity with those on suspension.