Additional Support for Road Transport Professionals to be Launched

Additional Support for Road Transport Professionals to be Launched


The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has announced the launch of a registration process for additional support for road transport professionals starting next Friday (May 3), according to a ministry communiqué. This decision was made by the government to support road transport professionals and the registration process for the additional support will be done through the electronic platform:

Since March 23, 2022, the government has launched an exceptional support initiative dedicated to professionals in the road transport sector, intended to mitigate the effects of rising fuel prices caused by increasing global prices. The government allocation for funding this initiative amounts to over 7 billion Dirhams, according to approximate numbers.

Road transport unions have called for making this support permanent, given the bleak prospects for falling fuel prices. The specific emergency support enabled public transportation professionals to benefit from support worth 2,200 dirhams for large taxis, 1,600 dirhams for small taxis, and 1,800 dirhams for dual transport vehicles in rural areas, in addition to 7,000 Dirhams for intercity passenger buses and 6200 Dirhams for urban transport buses.

In terms of tourist transport, professionals have benefited from financial support of 2800 dirhams for buses of the first class, 1400 dirhams for second class buses, and 1000 dirhams for vehicles of the third class (TGR/TLS). In addition, support was allocated for professionals transporting goods for others, about 1000 dirhams for tractors, and 2600 dirhams for trucks with an allowable load exceeding 3.5 tons and less than 14 tons, and 3400 Dirhams for trucks with a permissible load between 14 and 19 tons, and 4200 Dirhams for trucks with a permissible load exceeding 19 tons, plus 6000 Dirhams for road tractors.

In relation to support allocated for employee and school transport, professionals transporting employees on behalf of others have benefited from financial support valued at 1200 dirhams per vehicle, and 1000 dirhams per vehicle allocated for school transport on behalf of others.