Morocco and Australia Partner For Green Energy Development

Morocco and Australia Partner For Green Energy Development


Morocco has announced a joint project with Australian company Fortescue Energy for developing green energy, aimed at providing hydrogen, ammonia, and green fertilizers in Morocco, Europe, and international markets.

The partnership includes potential development of manufacturing equipment and a research center to enhance the renewable energy industry which is experiencing rapid growth in Morocco. Four main projects are planned.

The first focuses on a large-scale integrated production capacity for green ammonia and fertilizers, which incorporate renewable energy.

The second project involves producing green technology and equipment.

The third project is the establishment of a research and development center near Mohammed VI University near Marrakesh to boost research in renewable energies and metal treatment.

The fourth project includes collaboration between venture capital funds for stimulating investment in technological developments.

The partnership also aims to provide green hydrogen and ammonia for generating green energy and manufacturing carbon-neutral fertilizers at a reasonable cost to all farmers worldwide.