5 Stolen European Luxury Cars en Route to Morocco Seized

5 Stolen European Luxury Cars en Route to Morocco Seized


The Spanish Civil Guard at the port of Tarifa in southern Spain, under the jurisdiction of the Green Island in Cadiz Province, thwarted an attempt to smuggle five luxury cars stolen from Europe, last weekend. The cars were on their way to Tangier port.

According to Spanish media sources, an inspection and thorough examination by Spanish security elements at the border checkpoint revealed that the five cars had been stolen from various European countries (four vehicles were stolen in France and one in the Netherlands).

The newspaper added that the seized cars are worth more than 350,000 euros. Their documents were forged, and their serial numbers were replaced with different ones to facilitate their entry into Morocco.

As a result of the investigation initiated by the Spanish authorities during this operation, three people suspected of being members of a criminal network specialized in car theft and forgery were apprehended. Three others are being investigated for their connection to the car thefts.