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Essaid Bahri

Essaid Bahri
Essaid Bahri holds a BA in English Linguistics and an Education Qualification Certificate. He served as a High School EFL teacher for over a decade. In 2005, he joined the Local Education Authority in Essaouira at which he had been the Partnership and Cooperation Office manager and then Head of School Life Management Business Unit. He was, among various other related domains, mainly concerned with school pedagogical, management and governance affairs through training, supervision and evaluation. He has also been involved in local civil society development movement. Essaid Bahri is presently based in Essaouira, Morocco and can be reached at: bahriessaid@gmail.com.

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict : the two-state solution beyond reach

For decades now, the international community has been fostering the two-state solution as the only plausible response to the long lasting Palestinian – Israeli...