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Justin Bibee

Justin Bibee
Justin D. Bibee is a peacebuilding scholar and human rights advocate.

Empowering Students: A Holistic Approach to Preventing Student Drop-Out in Morocco

Education is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to all, regardless of their socio-economic background. Yet, in Morocco, over 300,000 students dropout...

UN Mission in Western Sahara: The Missed Opportunity for Peace

Exploring the Inconsistency and Consequences of Ignoring Human Rights in Peacebuilding Justin D. Bibee argues that The United Nations' mission in Western Sahara...

Morocco’s New Prison Reform Bill: Addressing Overcrowding and Protecting Human Rights

Justin D. Bibee believes that Morocco's newly implemented Bill 43.22 will alleviate prison overcrowding and resource scarcity, while upholding human rights. Justin thinks that...