Morocco to Dig 30 Oil wells in 2014

Morocco to Dig 30 Oil wells in 2014


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Morocco plans to drill around 30 oil and gas wells this year, Reuters said.

As a matter of fact, the Moroccan minister of Energy Mr. Abdelkader Amara was caught saying the following:

” We are intensifying our search. The more we dig, the closer we get to discovering oil and gas.”

“Since Morocco’s independence in 1956, we drilled 300 wells. In 2014, we plan to drill 30 wells,”

“We try to sell Morocco’s image to oil exploration companies and so far we have managed to attract significant investors,” said Amara.

On a sideline note, it is worth highlighting that Morocco is currently drafting a new bill aimed at facilitating the bureaucracy procedures in order to  attract more oil companies.

The Moroccan Times.