Moroccan Activist Reveals She Had Sex With Married Assid

Moroccan Activist Reveals She Had Sex With Married Assid

MALIka mazan mzan sex asside ahmed
Malika Mazan and Ahmed Assid.

Moroccan Amazigh activist and poet Malika Mazan -who hit the headlines all over the world recently after saying she was “ready to have Jihad-Sex (Jihad Nikkah) with Kurdist soldiers who are fighting the terrorist organization ISIS, the so-called “Islamic State” of Iraq and Syria- has triggered another media sensation in Morocco after revealing that she had a sexual affair with another well-known Amazigh activist, namely Dr. Ahmed Assid.

The revelation was made by Malika herself in her latest poem, shared on her Facebook page, entitled “A Warning Message to Ahmed Assid.”

The opening lines say “Don’t come tonight…” and the wordings indicate that she “had sexual intercourses with Assid.”

The piece of news has triggered a media sensation in Morocco. Various news outlets were wondering about “the reason behind Malika making such a sweeping revelation.”

While some Moroccan Internet users took the piece of news sarcastically, others seem to have taken the revelation very seriously. One commentator said that “in case Ahmed Assid [who is married and has kids] acknowledges committing adultery, then they should receive 100 wipes each…..”

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The Moroccan Times.