Ahmed Zaidi’s Last Call Before Drowning: “Help Me. Help Me. Save Me...

Ahmed Zaidi’s Last Call Before Drowning: “Help Me. Help Me. Save Me Please. I am Drowning”

ahmed Zaidi BMW car
Ahmed Zaidi was already pronounced dead when the rescuers brought back his BMW car to the surface.

Moroccan news outlet Le360 said that “last Saturday, around 13:30, while Ahmed Zaidi, a leading politician figure and member of the Moroccan parliament who belongs to the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) party, was driven away by the Charrat river flow while driving his BMW car, he called someone on his cell phone and said the following: ‘Help me Help me. I’m drowning save me, save me. Hurry up!'”

According to the same source, one hour after the event, and exactly at 14:30, the time when the rescuers arrived on the scenes, Ahmed Zaidi’s car could not be spotted anymore.

Le360 said that “once the car was brought back to the surface by the rescuers, Ahmed Zaidi was pronounced dead. The color of his skin was all blue.”

Ahmed Zaidi has drowned in the Charrat river (near Bouznika) following a terrible storm hitting the region Saturday, which then triggered the flood.

The late will be buried at the Charat cemetery, near Bouznika, today after Al Asr prayer. Morocco’s head of the government, Abdelillah Benkirane, as well as many other leading political figures are set to attend the funeral.

“We Are to God and To Him We Shall Return.”

The Moroccan Times.