Amazigh New Year as a national holiday is a wise and historic...

Amazigh New Year as a national holiday is a wise and historic decision, says Assid

ahmed assid
Moroccan Amazigh researcher and activist, Ahmed Assid.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-¬†Moroccan Amazigh researcher and activist, Ahmed Assid, described King Mohammed VI’s announcement to recognize the Amazigh New Year as an official national holiday as a “historic and wise decision”.

He added that this decision will be celebrated by Amazigh activists across all regions of Morocco, as they have been waiting for it for decades. Assid highlighted that this decision “is a symbolic recognition of the country’s identity and cultural diversity, and of the achievements and values of its various civilizations.”

“This decision was long-awaited by Amazigh activists and wide segments of the Moroccan society who fought for the recognition,” Assid noted.

These are the people who need to be congratulated for all the efforts they have made until we reached this wise royal decision, which has great symbolic power because it relates to the identity of the country and the identity of the Moroccan state,” Assid added.

He called for further efforts to revisit Morocco’s history and to recognize the contributions of Amazigh figures and events that were previously overlooked.

“Based on this recognition, the state must work to complete the re-reading of Morocco’s history to restore the respect of all its components, especially Amazigh figures and symbols in history, events, and facts that were previously overlooked,” Assid stressed.

The Amazigh activist is advocating for the reinstatement of the original names of Amazigh places in Morocco. According to him, this is important because it helps people understand their connection to Morocco’s geography and history, leading to a sense of pride and appreciation for the country’s cultural heritage, and resulting in a celebration of the country’s diversity and historical significance.

The Moroccan Times.