Relationship Without Tension

Relationship Without Tension


[symple_box] ali al aradiMr. Ali Al-Aradi is a Human Resource (HR), Learning Development (LD) & Management lecturer and writer, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.[/symple_box]

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain-Relationship naturally shapes in our life due to the interaction between each other, it may appear in different shapes but the most common relationship is Possession. Maybe we think we can possess things like cars or buildings, and this idea can be easily developed into work positions or perhaps even other human being such as when someone says to anther ”I want you or you are mine”.

What we really forget is that such relationship is false, for the simple reason that you cannot take it with you when you go. It is not possible to possess anything, yes you can use it, you can care for it, but cannot possess, and yet it’s the idea of possession which lies at the heart of all fears and conflict. Fear of loss or fear of not getting what you have already decided is in your minds.

Relationship can be elevated and takes all the fears away, is to be a Trustee, everything comes to you in trust, for you to use and then to set it free. The consciousness of trusteeship will sets you free of the tension of grasping and guarding.

A common example of a trustee is when a millionaire does not have any inheritors, he will leave his wealth in the hands of a trustee, to ensure the right use of his wealth as per his last wish. In this cases, while taking care of the wealth, honest trustee always keep the consciousness that this is not his wealth or property and will always use it in the right way, as he have been directed. This is called keeping the trust of the owner of the wealth, therefore it called the trustee.

As a trustee throughout your life, keep a consciousness that your work position or your physical wealth are not really your property and you have been appointed as a trustee to take care of them. You need to use them in a positive way, in a way that the owner wants you to. This can establishes a relationship of detachment with everything that you possess and remove all the tension away from your life.