“Do Not Vote for the PJD”: Moroccan Imam during Friday prayer

“Do Not Vote for the PJD”: Moroccan Imam during Friday prayer

Abdelhak Abousalim, the president of the Ratba municipality.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Abdelkrim Amghil, the imam of Halaba mosque, located in the pocket city of Ghefsay (at the edge of the Rif region), who is also a Sheick (local aid, appointed by the Moroccan Ministry of Interior), as well as a marijuana farmer, asked believers at the end of the Friday prayer last week to “not vote for the PJD,” Morocco’s Justice and Development party.

Abdelhak Abousalim, the president of the Ratba municipality, representing Morocco’s Progress and Socialism party (PPS), was the one to alert the Moroccan public opinion about this incident, stressing that he believes, “the local aid got orders from the district office (Kiyada) to rally people against the PJD.”

“The Qaed asked me personally to not support the PJD,” Abou Salim said.

“He said feel free to support any party other than the PJD,” Abou Salim added.

“Most residents of this area are Marijuana farmers and have been reported to the police by local aids (Kaeds, Sheicks, Mkadems, etc..),” hinting out that local aids blackmail them waging the jail card to not vote for the PJD.

The Moroccan commission for supervising the elections, chaired by the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Justice, opened an investigation to lift the lid on this incident.

The provincial delegation of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs also received a complaint about the incident, especially that the Moroccan Minister of Islamic Affairs and Endowments prohibits Imams from indulging in political speeches as it is against the Moroccan law to use mosques for political rallies, to avoid summoning throngs of believers.

The Moroccan Times.