After President Roosevelt, Mohamed VI receives the prestigious “Presidential Explorers Club Benefactor”...

After President Roosevelt, Mohamed VI receives the prestigious “Presidential Explorers Club Benefactor” award



King Mohammed VI received last week the prestigious “Presidential Explorers Club Benefactor” award.

Dr. Nichols, President of the prestigious science and discovery club, said: “It is a great honor for the Board of Directors of The Explorers Club  to grant His Majesty the  Presidential Explorers Club Benefactor of exploration in recognition of his leadership and vision in terms of scientific research in the 21st century.”

King Mohammed VI  is the second head of state to receive this prestigious award. Only former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt rejoiced the same award before.

This announcement was made at the the famous Explorers Club Gala, a 109-year old organization dedicated to advancing research and scientific exploration, in the presence of an audience of over 2,000 personalities from the world of exploration, science, and culture .

This annual event, held in the halls of the Waldorf Astoria, gathered all the New York elite to recognize those who work for research and science through exploration. Morocco was honored for the second consecutive time.

“Through the UN and other initiatives such as those taken by His Majesty , we can support and encourage explorers and students from Morocco and other African and Asian countries to engage in the discovery of their own cultures as well as Western ones. This award is also a recognition of the King work for the preservation and promotion of the Saharan nomadic heritage”, Mr. Nichols addressed the participants, who had been following with interest the screening of a documentary produced by ” the Explorers Club ” about the Moussem of Tan Tan.

The General Director of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, paid tribute to the work of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in the promotion of nomadic culture. Unesco’s General Director also welcomed the King’s support for a new maritime expedition in Morocco designed for scientific research.

Ms. Bokova highlighted also her deep “recognition and appreciation” of the work done by King Mohammed VI in favor of cultural diversity.