Al Akhawayn University: Social endeavours in favour of the Local community

Al Akhawayn University: Social endeavours in favour of the Local community


Students of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) are set to organise, April 5th, a fundraiser for the renovation of a rural school in the area.

This annual event is being organised by the Hand in Hand Association, which has been able to raise up to 1.1 million dirhams to finance the equipment project of the Adghagh Ain Mersa school and the Smart City Project which aims at remedying the digital divide of Ifrane.

Source: Al Akhawayn University

During the day, a Fun Run is organised with the support of Moroccan athletes and football veterans. The list of names includes Mustafa Lakhsem, Hamadi Hamidouch and Abderrazak Khayri.

At night a Gala event, which plays an important role in the fund raising campaign, will feature artists such as Saad Lamjarred, Gnawa Diffusion, and DJ Van among others.

The Hand in hand Association, according to article 3 of their constitution states that  “the purpose of the association is to mobilize the AUI Community to serve and assist persons in need, giving priority to Ifrane, and the surrounding region, and to raise the consciousness of others, inside and outside of the university, to these needs, providing a means to address them.”

The association has proven itself worthy on multiple occasions since 1996, in order to support school infrastructure, libraries, and transportation in order to fight the dropout of children living in remote areas of the cold middle Atlas region.

It is important to note that such events are organised entirely by the student community, with the participation of hundreds, in a university that makes social work a must for all of its students.

The Moroccan Times.