Miraculous Revival: Man Moves Moments Before Burial in Morocco

Miraculous Revival: Man Moves Moments Before Burial in Morocco


A very startling incident occurred yesterday in the city of Settat, where a man began to move just before his burial and while a mourning tent was being set up, after everyone believed he had died.

According to the same local sources, the family of the “deceased” had transported him to a hospital in Casablanca after he suffered a severe health issue. There, he underwent a series of necessary examinations and treatments before they were shocked to receive news of his death and took possession of his body to begin the funeral rites.

The bereaved family did what was required, setting up a mourning tent and beginning to receive mourners from the morning of the previous day, as relatives and friends came to offer their condolences.

Fortunately, they did not rush the burial as they were waiting for the arrival of the son of the deceased, who apparently lives in Canada.

In the meantime, hours later, the family noticed that the “corpse” was moving, to the astonishment and shock of those who witnessed the event.

Following this, the family quickly transferred the man back to a local hospital, where he remains alive, in the intensive care unit, on artificial respiration.