After the “Advanced Status” and the “Free Trade Agreement” Morocco negotiates a...

After the “Advanced Status” and the “Free Trade Agreement” Morocco negotiates a “Complete and Profound” Partnership with the EU



The fourth round of the EU Moroccan negotiations about the Complete and Profound Free Trade Agreement (ALECA) is scheduled for the period of April 7 through 11 in Brussels.

ALECA is supposed to complement the existing EU Moroccan Free Trade Agreement, via integrating Morocco into the European economy. This will be achieved by reducing non-tariff barriers, simplifying customs procedures, liberalizing trade in services, ensuring investment protection and harmonizing regulations in several business and economic areas. The EU Delegation in Rabat highlighted that ALECA is a logical continuation to further trade relations with Morocco, after the liberalization of industrial and agricultural trade between the two parties.


ALECA is part of the new generation of free trade agreements, the EU intends to conclude with four Mediterranean countries, which are, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt.

According to the EU delegation, this reflects “the deep commitment of the EU to the development of its partners that chose the path of reform”.

The Moroccan Times