Moroccan Authorities: “The man Behind Morocco-France Political row Asked for 6 Billion...

Moroccan Authorities: “The man Behind Morocco-France Political row Asked for 6 Billion Centimes in Exchange for..”



Moroccan news outlet Al Ahdath said former Moroccan Interior Affairs Minister Mohammed Al Ansar initiated the contact with Mr.Zakaria Moumni, the man “behind” Morocco-France recent political spat, to understand what he”really wanted” from the Moroccan authorities when sparking controversy.

The same source added that Al Ansar restrained from any further contact as soon as he made sure the man in question was blackmailing the authorities.

Al Ansar said Mr. Zakaria Moumni asked for a 6 Billion Centimes School-gift in exchange for “letting the case go”.

It is worth pointing out that Christians Against Torture group filled a lawsuit on behalf of French-Moroccan boxer Zakaria Moumni, arrested in 2008, and accused of tricking out 1,200 euros from two Moroccans  in exchange  for work in Europe.

The lawsuit was filled against Morocco’s DST head Hammouchi. It claims Moumni was tortured at the Temara detention center.

A statement from the Moroccan authorities refuted this and said this group is well known for its enmity to Morocco, especially when it comes to the Moroccan Sahara issue.

Earlier this month, Moroccan authorities said “The suit filed by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior condemns the exploitation of the French judicial process by the authors of these false accusations of torture.”

Morocco’s Interior ministry filed, in its turn recently, a lawsuit against the group’s last law suit against “Morocco”.

The Moroccan Times.