83 Charmil Individuals Arrested in Casablanca

83 Charmil Individuals Arrested in Casablanca



As part of the “Charmil sanitation” campaign, which is being carried by Moroccan authorities in different districts in Casablanca to fight against the “charmil” phenomenon,¬†elements of the judicial police in Sidi El Bernoussi El Fida-Mers Sultan, El Hay Hassani, Ain Chock, Moulay Rachid, Anfa and Ben M’Sick Sidi Othman, and elements of the Police research and investigation brigade, successfully arrested 83 “Charmil” individuals.

The individuals were recognized thanks to the photos they posted on Facebook, we learned.

All the individuals were questioned in details about their crimes and motives.

It is worth pointing out that some of the arrested criminals had previous criminal records.

Minors were arrested as well, we learned.
The Moroccan Times.