Death of 6 People in Textile Factory Collapse Highlights Inhumane Working Conditions:...

Death of 6 People in Textile Factory Collapse Highlights Inhumane Working Conditions: Labor Union

The scary perspective of the crumbled textile factory.


Editor’s Note: The article has been updated to reflect recent developments. Unfortunately, we have received news that the number of people who passed away has increased from 5 to 6. One of the two individuals who were previously in critical condition has also passed away in a local hospital.

The National Union of Textiles, Clothing, and Leather has raised concerns over the lack of oversight and inhumane working conditions following a devastating incident at a textile factory in Titt Mellil, located in the suburbs of Morocco’s industrial capital Casablanca. On June 8, 2023, the building collapsed, resulting in the deaths of six people, while one person remains in critical condition.

Yesterday, a miraculous rescue operation saved an individual after they endured a grueling 24 hours trapped beneath debris, a poignant moment captured and illustrated in the subsequent video.

The Democratic Confederation of Labor-affiliated union revealed that the workers had been working under precarious conditions at the construction site, where four additional floors were being added on top of the existing factory building. The union placed the blame on local authorities for allowing construction work to continue while workers were present.

In response to the incident, the union called on the government to devise a comprehensive strategy to address the structural issues prevalent in the textile, clothing, and leather sectors, as well as associated industries. They emphasized the importance of ensuring safe working conditions for employees and urged workers to be vigilant in exposing any collusion or exploitation.

The local authorities have initiated an investigation, supervised by the competent public prosecutor’s office.

Titt Mellil is located in the outskirts of Casablanca, Morocco. The distance between Titt Mellil and the city center of Casablanca is approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles).

Striking scene of the ruined edifice