Morocco May Desalinize Seawater Using Nuclear Energy

Morocco May Desalinize Seawater Using Nuclear Energy



Water desalinization is an unusual use of nuclear energy; however it represents a viable solution to many regions in the world. According to Agora Vox news outlet, Morocco plans to use this technique to increase its freshwater resources, since the need is exploding.

This is still at a hypothesis stage. The Moroccan Delegate Minister for Water has confirmed that the Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment, Abdelkader Amara had actually called for a meeting with members of the Review Committee on nuclear power and desalinization of sea water through the use of nuclear energy.

Moroccan Delegate Minister for Water Charafat Afilal believes that the demand for water in Morocco would reach 16.7 billion cubic meters in 2030, while it is now 13.7 billion cubic meters. The government is planning on building desalinization units with a capacity of 400 million cubic meters per year. In order to operate such units, the Kingdom is planning on expanding its nuclear fleet as the country is also facing increased electricity demand.

It is important to note that Japan, already produced between 1000 and 3000 cubic meters of consumable water through 10 desalinization units, linked to pressurized water reactors designed to generate electricity and produce drinking water.

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