World Bank Praises The Moroccan Economy And Its Reforms

World Bank Praises The Moroccan Economy And Its Reforms


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World Bank Country Director for the Maghreb, Simon Gray, declared that Morocco was able to “lay the foundations for sustainable and clean growth as it represents a model for the Middle East and North Africa” in the field of environment protection and the fight against climate change, adding that “the Moroccan economy managed to overcome the successive crises that have rocked the global economy since 2008”.

Mr. Gray added that “Morocco could promote green growth and a sustainable development model by linking these reforms with policies adjusted for creating jobs, wealth and opportunities, especially for the benefit of the poorest and most vulnerable among the population”.

He pointed out that Morocco has taken measures in order to reduce its dependence on imports of fossil fuels in favour of the development of renewable energies, both solar and wind, as well as reducing pollution.

Simon Gray added that “water, which is a valuable and scarce resource for the kingdom, was also at the heart of these strategic reforms, especially in the agricultural sector, in order to reduce over-exploitation of water and its contamination”.

The Moroccan Times.