3 Policemen Arrested For Bribery

3 Policemen Arrested For Bribery



On Saturday, three policemen were presented in front of the public prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Sale with charges of bribery and abuse of power.

According to a source at National Security, these policemen were caught receiving money from a woman, which led them to be put in custody in order to investigate with them, before bringing said officers in front of judicial authorities.

The arrest of these offenders, adds the same source, came within a framework of tracking and surveillance, which is undertaken by inspection authorities. This last has a goal of strengthening mechanisms for promoting integrity among the staff of National Security, as well as consolidating several behaviors, enforced by the Code of Conduct for the staff of this department.

It is worth noting the General Directorate of National Security published last week a strict memo for all its affiliates, which explicitly calls upon its staff to respect their Code of Conduct, in order to end administrative corruption, bribery and embezzlement. The memo also stresses on the need for openness to civil society organizations that will help strengthen and simplify reporting such offences.

The Moroccan Times.