Moroccan Tourists Spend More Than European Tourists

Moroccan Tourists Spend More Than European Tourists



Minister of Tourism, Lahcen Haddad, said that Moroccan Tourists usually spend more than their European counterparts. He also stated that their number has increased.

Mr. Haddad adds that Moroccan Tourists are behind 28% of nights spent in hotels, which represents an increase of 3 % compared to 2011.

Thanks to the new available highways and several measures taken by the Ministry to encourage local tourism, more residents of Rabat and Casablanca have been heading to the North and Marrakech. One of these measures is the “holiday coupons”, which are meant to coincide with school holidays.

Finally, Mr. Haddad declared that Morocco is expected to see an increase of 23 % in the number of flights compared to 2013 (plus 20% to Marrakech and 38% to Agadir), highlighting the improvement that will be achieved thanks to low-cost airlines.

The Moroccan Times.