Casablanca: 558 Arrested in 48 Hours

Casablanca: 558 Arrested in 48 Hours



Judicial Police and National Security authorities in the region of Casablanca have been able to arrest 558 individuals with different crimes and violations, on both the 21st and 22nd of May.

According to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), this large-scale campaign comes under the framework of pursuing wanted criminals and other individuals, especially the ones involved in drug trafficking and robberies.

This campaign has resulted in the arrest of 283 out of the 558 individuals, which were the subject of arrest warrants, some of which were caught red-handed.

According to the same source, traffic police in Casablanca has recorded 2,739 violations, as well as the withdrawal of 1.541 driver’s licences from violators. This has resulted in the gathering of the colossal sum of 1.127 million dirhams in 48 hours.

The Moroccan Times.