Rabat Judges Algiers’ Attitude On Sahara Issue As “Shabby”

Rabat Judges Algiers’ Attitude On Sahara Issue As “Shabby”



Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar denounced Algeria’s “shabby” attitude on the Sahara issue, by accusing them of being behind the recent designation of a Special Envoy to the Sahara by the African Union (AU), reports Aufait news outlet among other sources.

Mr Mezouar said that “Algeria uses all financial and logistical means in order to thwart Morocco’s efforts to find a solution to this issue”. This was announced during a joint meeting between the Committee of Foreign Affairs, National Defence, Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Moroccans living abroad in the House of Representatives and the Committee of Foreign Affairs, Borders, Occupied Areas and National Defence in the House of Councillors.

Morocco’s head diplomat has added: “The last thing was (the naming of) the special envoy of the African Union. (…). When we see the attempts of the Algerian regime to counter our efforts, we find that the methods used are really pathetic. Our conflict today is not with the Polisario but with Algeria.”

It is important to note that Morocco has withdrawn its membership from the AU in 1984 to protest the recognition of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and has never re-established it since then.

The Moroccan Times.