Moroccan Cleric Calls for Killing Assid

Moroccan Cleric Calls for Killing Assid



Moroccan Takfiri Cleric called Abu Naim (left) Calls for Killing Assid (right).

In a recent video shared heavily on social media, Takfiri Sheikh Abu Naim called for the killing of the well-known Moroccan Amazigh researcher and secular activist Ahmed Assid.

This is not the first time Abu Naim calls for the killing of a notorious Moroccan personality. As a matter of fact, just last February, the controversial cleric was sentenced by a Moroccan court to one month in prison and a 500 dirhams fine for “undermining a body corporate” and “defamation” following the release of a video in which he accused of “apostasy” Driss Lachgar, the Secretary General of the USFP, a Moroccan political party, and other Moroccan politicians and intellectuals.

This time, Abu Naim said that Ahmed Assid is a “kafir” (Apostate) that should be killed, because he “left” the norms and the traditions of the Muslim community and its principles as Assid, Abu Naim added, insulted Prophet Mohammed.

Bayt Al Hikma, an Association of which Ahmed Assid is a member, issued a statement condemning the remarks of Abu Naim.

The Moroccan Times.