Morocco: Newborn Baby Found in Dog’s Jaws

Morocco: Newborn Baby Found in Dog’s Jaws

new born dog teeth morocco khouribga jaws between fangs
A mortuary official begins with the recovery of a fetus. Photo of a similar event that happened in South Africa. Courtesy of: Newcastle Advertiser.

According to a news story shared on Moroccan news outlet Al Akhbar last Monday, a score Moroccan citizens, who happened to walk in front of Hospital Hassan II of Khouribga, came across a stray dog holding a newborn between his teeth.

The horrific scene prompted the citizens to act right away and remove the baby from the stray dog’s jaws.

Right after chasing the stray dog away, they called the police who rushed up to the scene right after hearing the unbelievable news.

After listening to local witnesses, the first investigation results indicate that the infant belongs probably to a pregnant woman who was heading to deliver in the aforementioned hospital before she was forced to have labor nearby as she could not bear anymore the pain.

After delivering, the heartless woman just left the scene right away. The stray dog, probably attracted by the smell, came to the scene and picked the infant.

The event occurred last Saturday, Al Akhbar reported.

A similar story happened last month in South Africa when the “discovery of a fetus in a dog’s mouth has sparked outrage in the oSizweni community,” New Castel Advertiser reported.

A woman, who was on her way to do some shopping, “noticed a bloody feral dog, with a tiny body clamped in its jaws. Horrified, she screamed for passers-by for help.

The frightened dog dropped its prize after a short chase from members of the oSizweni community, while others rushed to the nearby police station to inform the SAPS,” New Castel Advertiser added.

“The fetus had been abandoned outside a gate shortly after birth, and was carried into an overgrown area by the dog” and that “the mother of the child was a high school pupil,” the source closed.

The Moroccan Times.