King Mohammed VI:” I wonder, as do all Moroccans, Where is ...

King Mohammed VI:” I wonder, as do all Moroccans, Where is [Morocco’s] wealth?”


king mohammed VI
King Mohammed VI:”I wonder, as do all Moroccans: Where is [Morocco’s] wealth?”
Morocco celebrated yesterday the 15th anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne.

During the same day, the king addressed a speech to the nation, which was broadcast through national TV and radio.

During his speech, King Mohammed VI said that “the 15th anniversary of my accession to the glorious Alawite throne is an opportunity for us to ponder on the state of the nation.”

Are we making the right choices? What things need to be speeded up? What others should to be reconsidered? What major projects and reforms ought to be launched?”

“a person thinks that he or she is always right, or that he or she does not make mistakes, then surely this will be a recipe for conceit and erring,” the king said.

In this regard, The Moroccan king said that “the World Bank carried out two studies to measure the total wealth of some 120 countries, including Morocco. Our country ranked among the top African nations, far ahead of some countries in the region.”

The Moroccan Monarch added:

“Having perused the figures and statistics contained in the said studies, and which highlight the development of wealth in Morocco, I wonder, as do all Moroccans: Where is this wealth? Has it benefited all Moroccans or only some segments of society?”

If you are interested in reading the full text of the throne day speech delivered by King Mohammed VI, click on the following link: click here.

The Moroccan Times.