Moroccan Rapper “L7A9ED” Released from Jail

Moroccan Rapper “L7A9ED” Released from Jail

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Moroccan Rapper “L7A9ED” Released from Jail.

The Moroccan Rapper and political activist among the 20th of February movement “L7a9ed” has been released yesterday from the prison of Aïn Borja, Casablanca, Morocco (video underneath).

Mouad Belghouat (his real name) has been arrested last May shortly before the Raja of Casablanca and Maghreb Atletico Tetouan Game.

He was accused by the prosecutor of the court of first instance in Ain Sebaâ of “selling/buying tickets in the black market”, “being drunk in public space” and “violence against a police officer while performing his duties.”

The Moroccan Times.