Chabat Lauds of Critics Benkirane, Hassad and Ramid Calling them “Oufkirians”

Chabat Lauds of Critics Benkirane, Hassad and Ramid Calling them “Oufkirians”


The head of Al-Istiqlal party lauded of critics Morocco’s head of the government Benkirane, Morocco’s Minister of Interior Hassad, and Morocco’s Minister of Justice, Ramid.

The controversial man said, on the sidelines of the Al-Istiqlal’s youth section organizing its third edition of the “Summer Forum of the Youth Section of Al-Istiqlal party,” the following:

“This trio [referring to Benkirane, Hassad, and Ramid] seriously threaten democracy and terrorize activists in Fez, Oujda, Casablanca and other cities.

“We are seeing a loss of freedom of expression and an amounting of oufkirian behavior” [referring to Mohammed Oufkir] that could threaten our social cohesion and will not guarantee the transparency of future elections,”

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Hamid Chabat, head of Al Istiqlal Party.
“Our country has taken big step towards democracy but is currently experiencing a decline in the political, legislative and human rights sectors because of the stranglehold of the PJD on the government and the dissemination of reactionary positions that hinders the progress and democracy. ”

Chabat, who spoke in front of around 5000 young politicians belonging to the youth section of his party added:

“He [Benkirane] told the youth section of his party recently [JJD] to exercise the opposition because there is no real opposition in Morocco. Is this a new way to blackmail the institutions?

“The government has failed on all fronts and showed it has no strategic vision. We must now prepare for succession.

“We are fully mobilized against corruption and the unpopular government decisions.”

” We will tackle the issue of unemployment, including youth unemployment, and we will address the lack of women participation in many fields, which remains one of the main challenges for social cohesion.

“We must seek realistic solutions that can comfort the social situation.”

The Moroccan Times.