Scandal: Imam Rapes 8 Boys in Morocco

Scandal: Imam Rapes 8 Boys in Morocco

Imam Rapes 8 Boys in Morocco. Image from Archive.
Imam Rapes 8 Boys in Morocco. Image for Illustration Purposes Only.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Imam of a mosque in the Moroccan city of M’diq has been arrested and presented to the court of first instance in Tetouan after he sexually assaulted 8 little boys.

The parents entrusted the imam of the mosque to teach their beloved ones the Holy Quran as well as to help them memorize it. Yet, the 36-year-old imam took advantage of the parents’s “blind trust” to fulfill his sick vices.

It all started when a father of an 11-year-old boy raised suspicions in regards to the strange way his beloved one was behaving since he started heading to the local Msid to learn the Holy Quran.

After confronting his kid, who acknowledged being sexually abused by the imam, the father decided to inform the police and take the case to court.

During the investigation, the Imam burst into tears and acknowledged sexually abusing the 11-year-old.

Afterwards, during the same investigation, he revealed voluntarily that he abused 7 other boys.

The imam stood for the first time in front of the court of first instance of Tetouan last Friday.

The case has sparked a storm of online protest in a region deemed by Moroccans as very socially conservative.

Some online protesters were urging the authorities “to castrate the so-called imam” and to handle him “a very severe punishment.”

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