After “bendgate”, Now “#hairgate” is Apple’s Latest Problem

After “bendgate”, Now “#hairgate” is Apple’s Latest Problem



Apple iPhone 6 Plus users have discovered a new problem with their phones. They have been complaining that their hair is getting stuck in the seam between the aluminum body and glass display on the handset. They added that the phone rips the hair from their heads when they pull it away.

The complaint has been documented by iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users on a community forum. The users said that the phone yanks out beard hair as well as hair on top of their heads.

These complaints come shortly a week after Apple faced criticism that their newly released phone bend if put in the pocket. Apple dismissed those claims by saying it only received few complaints out of millions units sold. Apple also faced recently issues related to the iOS 8.

Users have already been blasting Apple over a new hashtag (#HairGate) on Twitter.

The Moroccan Times.