Moroccan Religious Scholar Answers Al Azhar University’s “Allah Won’t Accept Moroccans Eid...

Moroccan Religious Scholar Answers Al Azhar University’s “Allah Won’t Accept Moroccans Eid Sacrifice and Fasting”

Al Azhar university Scholars. Image from Archive.
Al Azhar university Scholars. Image from Archive.

Youssef Aïd, an Al Azhar university scholar, who is considered to have a high authority when it comes to giving fatwas (legal judgement on things) made a sweeping statement on the eve of Morocco celebrating the Eid Al Adha sacrifice feast one day following Saudi Arabia and most of the Muslim world countries.

The man said that “Morocco should follow Saudi Arabia as that’s where the holy Kaaba is located.”

The scholar went on further to say that “their Fasting[Moroccans] in the day of Arafa and their Sacrifice won’t be accepted by God.”

The Moroccan Times contacted a Moroccan imam, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, to comment on such sweeping statements made by the Egyptian cleric.

The Moroccan imam told us that “Morocco has a tradition of Moonsighting that dates back to more than 13 centuries.”

“We did not come up with this rule by ourselves. It is stated in the Quran that “Whoever witnesses the crescent of the month, he must fast the month. (2:185)

“More than that, Imam Bukhari in his Sahih reported prophet Mohammed(pbuh) saying that “Do not fast until you see the moon…”

“This said it is both in the Quran and in the Sunna. This is seriously concerning. Who is he to tell us that our fast and our Eid Sacrifice won’t be accepted? Is he God?

“Only God knows. The so-called Al Azhar imam is committing Shirk because he is talking about something of Ghaib that concerns God the Almighty alone. He should repent. Only God knows if our fast, his fast or anybody’s fast is accepted.”

“More than that, in Islam the niya (intention) is what matters the most and our intention is purely to the almighty as its stems from His book, the holy Quran, and His prophet’s tradition, the sunna.”

“It is a real shame that we have such doll-imams throwing from time to time sweeping statements for the sole purpose of getting famous and getting a media sensation.

“It is a shame. I feel bad for Egypt and its great tradition that has produced great religious clerics.

“It is really sad to see that the situation is in its lowest nadir ever…”

It is worth reminding that the event triggered a media sensation in the Arab world. The Algerian outlet Al Nahar also reported about the sweeping statements of the Egyptian cleric (video underneath).

The Moroccan Times.