20-year-old Moroccan “Gay” Jamal Wald Nass Released Following the Release of His...

20-year-old Moroccan “Gay” Jamal Wald Nass Released Following the Release of His 69-year-old British “Partner”

Moroccan "Gay" Jamal Wald Nass Released Following Jailing of British Gay.
Jamal Wald Nass wass released on Bail.

Omar Arbib, a member of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) in Marrakech, said yesterday that the 20-year-old Moroccan Jamal would Nass, who was arrested and jailed with Ray Cole, the 69-year-old British gay,  for “homosexual acts,” was released after that his case triggered a media sensation in the United Kingdom, and especially after the release of Ray cole.

Back-then at the time of their incarceration, Ray and Jamal were sentenced to four months in prison for “homosexuality acts” after that the authorities scrutinized Cole’s phone and discovered “homosexual images” on their devices.

Cole gave yesterday an interview to the Guardian and said (video underneath) that we “were set up by a Moroccan because we probably did not pay much.”

The Moroccan who set them up probably thought 69-year-old Ray was a sex tourist, especially given the fact that Marrakesh in well-known internationally for its “sex-tourism city” tag.

It is highly probable as well that the Moroccan who contacted the authorities “to alert them” about Cole and Jamal thought Cole was paying Jamal for sexual services, especially that the age difference between the two is almost 50 years.

Jamal Wald Nass was released only on bail.

Omar Arbib told the AFP that “Jamal and his British friend are two consenting adults and should never have been arrested. We stress on the respect for individual freedoms in accordance with international human rights conventions.”

Jamal denied initially any sexual relationship with Ray, “but images were found on their mobile phones,” added Arbib.

Both Ray and Jamal were released as a result of a media sensation about the case in the United Kingdom, following the Cole family launching a campaign on Facebook and Twitter.


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